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Bouril Design Studio   BDS supports your goals, wishes and dreams. The office is tech-savvy, utilizing advanced design presentation software creating  concise, complete sets of project documents. BDS listens to and values client input, respecting their concerns, especially when it comes to the budget. BDS facilitates designing your project with craft and practicality while developing the right solutions. Reputation  BDS is well-established among owners and contractors, alike; having completed over 650 building designs validate our position in the architecture & design community. BDS is able in accomodating complex, challenging projects. In addition, Bouril Design is flexible in structuring services and contracts to fit your project and budgetary needs.
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While    design    creativity,     technical    expertise    & aesthetic   sensitivity   are   all   important   attributes,   we believe   that   the   most   important   characteristic   of   a good     designer     is     the     ability     to     listen     &     truly understand   the   needs   of   the   customer   &   the   nature of   the   project   site.      Our   emphasis   on   the   pre-design process   ensure   our   customer’s   needs   will   be   heard &   their   goals   will   be   met.      It   also   ensures   that   the attributes    unique    to    the    site    will    be    understood, acknowledged   &   respected.      Here   is   a   list   of   guiding principles that inspire us in our work. focus on the possibilities, not the limitations explore alternatives & build knowledge; all ideas are valid until proven otherwise respect the past but design for today with an eye on the future fashion is fleeting, function is forever quality of design trumps quantity of space; smaller may be better energy efficiency never stops paying for itself craft & durability are timeless qualities that will never go out of style when in doubt look to nature where form, function & aesthetics coexist in perpetual harmony
Nearly   three   decades    of   successful   practice   has afforded    a    level    of    knowledge    and    expertise    with projects   from   the   basic   to   the   highly   complex.      While many     people     hire     an     architect     for     a     “set     of blueprints”,   they   soon   realize   they   are   really   buying “knowledge   and   expertise”.   The   final   “blueprints”   are the   culmination   of   a   structured   process   in   which   a series      of      functional      &      technical      issues      are synthesized     into     a     final     set     of     documents     and specifications     suitable     for     bidding,     permits     and construction.        Our    portfolio    is    a    reflection    of    the diversity   and   complexity   of   our   customers   and   their projects.              Our       residential       portfolio       features waterfront     projects     as     well     as     rural     and     urban homes   ranging   from   compact   contemporary   homes to    custom    country    estates.        We    have    experience with         traditional         and         contemporary         styles representing   a   variety   of   regions   and   architectural influences    including    Midwestern    Barn,    Bungalow, Cottage,    Country,    Craftsman,    Farmhouse,    French, International,    Log    Cabin,    Mediterranean,    Modern, Organic,   Mission,   Prairie,   Rustic   and   Timber   Frame Styles.    Our    commercial    project    portfolio    is    equally diverse.
Bouril   Design   Studio    is   a   seven-person   architect studio   that   was   established   in   the   late   80s   by   Robert Bouril,     AIA,     with     the     goal     of     bringing     custom architectural   design   services   to   construction   projects of    any    size,    location,    style    or    budget.    Our    primary role    in    the    design    process    is    to    advocate    for    our clients.     Our     values     and     culture     are     geared     to supporting    your    goals,    wishes,    and    dreams    with creative    design    solutions    unique    to    your    situation. We   are   a   tech-savvy   studio   that   utilizes   state-of-the- art   design   software.   We   provide   interior   and   exterior 3-D   modeling,   imaging,   andvisualization   throughout the       entire       design       process.       We       believe       in environmentally      responsible      design      and      keep current    on    building    code    developments    and    the rapidly-changing    technologies    relating    to    building sciences.
May 17-18: 2017 AIA-Wisconsin Building Products Expo Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison, Wisc. Upcoming Events Jan. 27-29: 2017 Dream House Showcase (and the Lake & Cabin Show on the same day) Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wisc. -- Visit us at Booth #622 --