Bouril Design Studio is a seven-person architect studio established by Robert Bouril, AIA, with the goal of bringing custom architectural design services to construction projects of any size, location, style or budget. BDS’s primary role in the design process is to advocate for our clients. Values and culture are geared in supporting your goals, wishes, and dreams with creative design solutions unique to your situation. BDS is a tech-savvy office that utilizes advanced design software in producing both interior & exterior 3-D modeling and visualization technology throughout the entire design process. We believe in environmentally responsible design and keep current on building code developments and the rapidly-changing technologies relating to the building sciences. BDS is well-established among the design & architecture community with having completed over 650 designs, both residential and commercial.

Why Bouril Design Studio?


It’s our people. The entire building design and construction process can easily take nine months for a small project to well over a year for a larger one. During that process you will be working with a sizable team of individuals from design through construction. Thousands of decisions will need to be made and a significant time commitment will be required. By engaging an experienced team of professionals who deal with design and construction every day of the week, you will minimize the risk of something getting missed or something going wrong later on. Design and planning is an investment on the front end that will pay dividends down the road. Our team has completed over 650 architectural design projects in nearly 30 years of business. BDS has the experience to bring a high level of confidence to you and your project.

Robert Bouril

Bob graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, School of Architecture in 1981 & became a Wisconsin licensed architect in 1985. In his 30 years of practice he has been recognized in publications 52 times, has received 6 design awards, & has served on 9 architectural design review boards & competition committees. He is personally involved in the design of every project & possesses both traditional hand-sketching design skills as well as computer-aided 3-D modeling abilities. Bob is an avid outdoorsman, nature lover, home gardener & environmental steward of the land.  He is a member of the US Green Building Council, Nature Conservancy, Wisconsin River Alliance, American Institute of Architects & Madison Area Builders Association.


Jeff Maertz
Project Manager

Jeff graduated from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, School of Architecture in 1987 and became a Wisconsin licensed architect in 1990. He has worked for Bouril Design Studio since 1992. He has 27 years experience in a wide range of project types including both residential & commercial architecture. Projects include health care, office, childcare, retail, restaurant, liturgical, recreational, custom homes, & multifamily.  Jeff enjoys remodeling as well as new buildings with project sizes from the very small to projects over 40,000 SF. Thru continuing education courses & seminars, Jeff continues to update his skills & knowledge base.  He believes that architecture can greatly contribute to a better sense of place to enhance people lives as well as one of many tools that can improve our local communities & society. His hobbies include drawing in various media, historical camping, remodeling his house, & raising two beautiful children.

Robert Lackore
Project Manager

Robert received an Associate Degree of Applied Science degree in Architectural Technology from Madison Area Technical College in 1995. Before joining Bouril Design Studio in 1998 he worked in engineering and commercial property development.  Robert’s experience includes residential, institutional, & commercial projects. His design involvement focuses on the building sciences, structural evaluation, and code compliance. Robert is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The Association of the United States Army, & enjoys spending his free time with his wife and children.

Gabriel Williams

Gabe graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Architecture in 2012. In his spare time he plays Magic the Gathering, brews beer, and plays DotA2.

Jesus Abreu
Project Manager

Jesus graduated from University of Zulia (Venezuela) with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture in 1994. His diverse experience in Venezuela included residential, light commercial, worship, and educational projects. Since moving to the United States in 1998, he has been involved in residential, commercial, multifamily, and senior housing projects. Jesus is an AIA associated member. He believes “good design is not limited by money - the creativity and imagination of the designer makes the difference”. Jesus loves soccer and enjoys traveling and spending his free time with his wife and children.

Joann Bennett
Business Manager

Joann graduated from Madison Area Technical College in 1989 with an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Accounting. Joann has extensive experience in the accounting profession & has served as business manager for Bouril Design Studio since 1996. Together with her husband Tom she manages their farm operation west of Madison. Joann is a member of the Apartment Association of South Central Wisconsin & owns & manages several apartments. Joann is an avid outdoors person & enjoys cycling, hiking, snowshoeing & playing with her Grandson.