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Diving into Luxury: Exploring the Captivating Design of a Wisconsin Home with an Indoor Oasis

This new home in Belleville WI, nestled within the picturesque Wisconsin landscape, seamlessly marries the timeless elegance of contemporary prairie architecture on the exterior with a sleek and modern interior. The outside of the home is clad in thin veneer stone and a new steel cladding product which emulates the appearance of wood but with all the durability of metal.

The open concept living, and kitchen space boasts large glass windows along with a row of clerestory openings. The light coming through the windows bounces off the wood ceilings giving the room a unique warmth. Strategically placed lighting takes advantage of the vaulted ceilings, and a light strip illuminates the clerestory wall.

The lower-level walkout is made for entertainment. An indoor pool room equipped with a large fireplace allows for poolside relaxation even in the middle of the Wisconsin winter. Windows view into the adjacent entertainment space with televisions and game tables.

The rear elevation of the house has multiple outdoor entertainment spaces. The upper deck off the living space is connected to the patio off the pool room. The main bedroom also has its own private deck. The structure is celebrated through the exposed painted steel members holding it all together.


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