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Experience Shaped by Materiality

The client wanted an indoor pool addition but wanted it to feel like a luxury experience. We were able to accomplish this feeling through use of materials. The wooden ceiling in the shower area carries into the main pool room as an accent wall that is a backdrop for the hot tub. The hot tub is elevated on a wooden platform. The change in floor finish from wood to tile also delineates the hot tub from the main pool space.

Thin polished stone veneer along the walls will reflect the light and shadows of the water. When next to the wooden walls this change in texture gives the space complexity and depth.

Deep window wells at the skylights bring light into the space below. The depth of the wells that are clad in white allow for light to bounce down into the space. This source of indirect light will brighten the space without creating a sterile feeling environment.

Glass is used at the sauna, this material choice is not only elegant but when the space is in use, the steam produced will fog over the glass. This creates a different material experience all together as the transparency of the glass is reduced and the figures inhabiting the space morph into blurry silhouettes.

This home addition is a beautiful example of how material selection plays an integral part in how a space is experienced.


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