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How 3D modeling informs design choices

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

a new custom lake home with black trim
Option A with Dark Trim

Three-dimensional modeling software serves a number of purposes in the architecture industry. On a technical level, they enable us to more easily and accurately create construction drawings that are integrated with each other.

a new custom lake home with white trim
Option B with Light Trim

A move of a wall in a floor plan will automatically change the building section, this allows us to easily see repercussions of the "domino effect" when designing. Modeling software also allows us to make polished marketing and presentation material, showing a near life like image of what the finished product could be.

a new custom lake home with large windows and dark trim
Option A with Dark Trim

However, what the client doesn't often see are the iterations that go into the final design. We use 3D views of the project to help select materials, colors, and finishes. We can even present them to the client side by side in order to facilitate the conversation about what scheme meets their goals.

a new custom lake home with light trim and large windows
Option B with Light Trim

The images shown right, are the same waterfront home but with two different options for trim. Both are visually pleasing home designs. But they each convey a different feeling. It's our job as architects to help clients discover the home that expresses who they are.


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