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Celebrating Structure in the Context of a Contemporary Prairie Home

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

A rendering of a modern home, featuring a spacious garage, in a contemporary architectural design

This week the office has been working on the design of this new home in Middleton. The focal point of the front facade of the home is a deep front porch. The vaulted roof allows for trapezoid windows to bring light into the foyer, creating a grand entrance. The roof itself is supported with expressed timber structure that are supported by steel columns. These columns are wrapped with a native thin veneer stone and capped with limestone. The natural colors along with the low profile of the home exemplify the contemporary prairie style. By designing a home through the ethos of prairie architecture with a modern lens and materials. We've created a home that seamlessly blends into nature and the built environment.

Keep on the lookout for this new home in Middleton built by Jason Thomas Homes.


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