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Embracing Nature through Contemporary Prairie Homes

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Custom contemporary prairie home with spacious garage

This custom home embodies contemporary Prairie architecture, characterized by its strong emphasis on horizontal lines seen in low, elongated structures. These lines seamlessly blend the building with the natural landscape. The design often features open, flexible floor plans, aligning with modern preferences for spacious living. A central principle of Prairie architecture, in both its historical and modern forms, is the harmonious integration of the building with nature, achieved through elements like terraces, decks, and outdoor landscaping. Natural materials like wood, stone, and brick are frequently used, providing both a sense of warmth and a connection to the surroundings. Warm, earthy color palettes are typical, enhancing the natural environment.

A custom contemporary prairie home featuring a house with a pool and deck, showcasing modern design and outdoor amenities.


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