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Creating an Energy Efficient Home using ICF walls.

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Solar panels are not the only way to design sustainably. One way to create an energy efficient home is through utilizing ICF wall construction. ICF or "Insulated Concrete Forms" are made of ridged thermal insulation forms filled with concrete. Unlike typical concrete forms that are removed after the concrete wall is poured, ICF forms remain in

place. This creates a thicker wall with a higher R-value (resistant to heat flow) than a concrete wall alone. The foam forms are modular and stack together similar to Lego bricks. This allows for a continuous thick wall that is incredibly airtight. Concrete ICF walls are also resistant to mold and rot with a high fire resistance rating. ICF Constuction carries a higher upfront cost but will contribute energy savings to the home for its entire life, making it a great option for sustainability minded homeowners.

This in progress project utilizes ICF Construction in part of the ground floor that houses a pool, garage, additional bedrooms, and the front porch as seen above.


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