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What to Expect During the Pre-Design Meeting

After our introductory meeting, you've decided to move forward with Bouril Design Associates. Before our Pre-Design meeting, we'll send you a customized copy of our standard contract. Once we receive your signed copy, we're ready to delve into the exciting phase of shaping your dream project.

contemporary home at dusk
Contemporary Home at Dusk

Understanding Your Vision

The primary goal of the Pre-Design meeting is to gather all the necessary information to fully comprehend your project's aspirations. We initiate the discussion by focusing on the broader aspects—total square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and gaining insights into your household's unique dynamics. Whether you're an avid entertainer, a hunter, or a passionate sewer, these lifestyle elements shape the essence of your home.

Crafting Spaces Tailored to You

Moving room by room, we explore your specific needs and expectations. From preferences for operable windows to opinions on interior doors, and from appliance choices to the desired living spaces, we aim to capture every detail. Your input is invaluable in creating our initial draft, and we're prepared to take notes on any aspect you're ready to discuss.

Integrating Design with the Site

Understanding that a house design must harmonize with its surroundings, we encourage you to bring the most recent survey of your lot. This information assists us in navigating legal limits and project location, incorporating essential constraints into our design. Each municipality has distinct ordinances, making this site research a crucial starting point for every project.

Expressing Your Ideas

Clients often bring sketches of their floor plan ideas, providing a tangible expression of their vision. While we appreciate your input, we kindly request avoiding plans and drawings from other professionals or online sources due to potential copyright complications. Instead, we encourage discussions about your likes and dislikes, ensuring your home is a unique reflection of your lifestyle.

contemporary home with large picture windows and blue siding
Huge picture windows bring in light into living spaces

Setting Expectations

Towards the meeting's conclusion, we discuss the timeline for the first draft, typically ranging from one to two weeks. This timeframe may vary based on the season and our office's workload. We also delve into the overall project timeline, covering milestones such as bidding, groundbreaking, and move-in dates. Recognizing that each client operates on a unique schedule, we strive to accommodate the pace of your project.

A Collaborative Journey

Our commitment is to transform your vision into a comprehensive expression of your lifestyle. As we embark on this collaborative journey, we aim to make the Pre-Design meeting an engaging and productive experience, setting the foundation for the creation of your custom home.


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