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Woodsman's Party Pad

This client at lake Redstone wanted a new garage and guest house with an entertainment space large enough to host huge gatherings. The color palette of the home ellicites a warmth that belongs in the rural wisconsin landscape. While the form of the building is a modern take on the classic agricultural typography seen throughout the midwest. The main attraction, is the double height living and kitchen space. The valuted ceilings are clad with tounge and groove wood paneling, heavy timber beams and posts are decorated with craftsman style brackets, and the unique wooden railings all bring the warmth and human texture of wood into the space. The large fireplace with space for mounting hunting trophies is finished with a thin stone veneer sourced from local wisconsin quarries. This open concept space is able to seat 30 at the bars and counters alone!

The best type of friend you can make in Wisconsin is one with a house up north, and this client is ready for years of entertaining guests to come.


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