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New Life in an Old Space

While this home renovation may be relatively modest compared to the scale of constructing a new home, the transformation of the living and kitchen spaces has turned it into an entirely new dwelling. Initially, this area consisted of enclosed and segmented living, dining, and kitchen spaces enveloping an aging stone fireplace. The client's objective extended beyond a mere kitchen update; they aimed to cultivate a living space that fosters social gatherings.

The removal of central walls and the addition of a kitchen island not only facilitated an influx of natural light but also encouraged improved social interaction. While open-concept designs have been in vogue for decades, the true essence lies in incorporating architectural elements that delineate spaces by their respective functions. This can be achieved through thoughtfully arranged furniture, detailed trim moldings, material transitions, wall coverings, and a well-considered color palette.

open concept kitchen and living space

The living room now features a captivating tongue and groove wood accent wall, introducing warmth and texture to an otherwise neutral backdrop. Serving as a focal point, this design element eliminates the need for the television to dominate the visual space. The same wood is seamlessly extended into the kitchen ceiling, establishing a visual connection between the two areas. The original crown molding, extended into the new space, serves both to visually define distinct programmatic elements and to unify the remodeled space with the rest of the home.

In the kitchen, the wood paneling on the ceiling provides a grounding visual element for the island. Skylights usher in desirable ambient sunlight, and updated fixtures infuse the space with a fresh vibrancy. A colored tile backsplash adds a vibrant touch, harmonizing with the earthy tones of the wood elements.

Our office leverages cutting-edge software to rapidly generate design options for your interior remodel. This approach allows for experimentation that was once limited by the constraints of 2D CAD. For this project, we exclusively utilized the client's existing floor plan and photos, demonstrating our ability to serve clients across regions without incurring the cost of travel.

Beyond expediting the design process, our innovative use of software enables us to test multiple options efficiently, empowering both our team and clients to make well-informed decisions. Contact us today to explore how our unique approach not only accelerates the design process but also allows us to cater to clients seamlessly across regions. Let us bring new life into your old space and make your remodeling dream a reality!


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